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Research Article
Effect of Biofertilizers (N-Fixers) on the Yield of Rice Varieties at Puducherry, India

H.D. Subashini, S. Malarvannan and P. Kumaran

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research, 2007, 1(3), 146-150.


The aim of this study to evaluate three biological preparation on rice at Puducherry condition. The efficiency of biofertilizers (Azospirillum and BGA) in an integrated manner on few ruling rice varieties was experimented in Puducherry, UT, India in both upland and lowland conditions, during 2005-2006 for three seasons. The results proved that there was a gradual increase in the efficiency of biofertilizer and its compatibility with inorganic fertilizers. Significant difference in the soil fertility status (available N, P and K) and the soil biota has increased in the plots treated with the biologicals in the later stage (the third season).

ASCI-ID: 12-20

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