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Research Article
Evaluation of a Power Driven Residue Manager for No-till Drills

R.A. Hegazy and I.S. Dhaliwal

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research, 2011, 5(2), 127-136.


Residue Management Equipment (RME) is developed to cut and remove paddy straw away from furrow openers of the no-till drill. The main operational problem in direct drilling of paddy straw residue is the accumulation and wrapping of loose straw within/on the tines and frame of no-till drills and traction problems with the ground wheel. The equipment consisted of nine parts; each part consisted of two powered wheels, one wheel for cutting the residue and the other wheel for removing them away from no-till drill furrow openers. This equipment was attached with the no-till drill with inverted T type furrow opener and the experiments have been conducted to compare the no-till drill with RME and same no-till drill without RME. No-till drill with RME increased the fuel consumption and time required by 29.6 and 13.14 %, respectively. Adding RME to the no-till drill decreased the amount of residue clogged by 33% and increased the percentage of cut hill from 14.9 to 63.7%. The average numbers of effective tiller, spike length and plant heights were more for no-till drill with RME. Furthermore, the grain yield was increased by 12.4% for fields with no-drill with RME.

ASCI-ID: 12-72

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