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Research Article
Incubation of Selected Tanzanian Chromic Acrisol with Minjingu Mazao Fertilizer, Cattle and Poultry Manures and Their Effects on Phosphorus Availability

Eliakira Kisetu and Christina Honde

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research, 2014, 8(1), 30-41.


This study investigated effects of incubation period on Phosphorus (P) release from selected P-sources. The latter are reported to improve levels of P in highly weathered Chromic Acrisol, which has been under continuous cultivation. The study was based on screen-house which utilized Minjingu Mazao (MM) fertilizer, Cattle (CM) and Poultry (PM) manures. The MM fertilizer was applied at 0.258 g per 4 kg soil, equivalent to 40 kg P ha-1. Cattle manure and PM were incorporated in soils with and without MM at 10 g per 4 kg soil. The incubation went through 14, 28 and 42 days and P was analyzed after every incubation period. Results showed that incubating the soil with deionized water for 14 days adjusted P from 7.9 to 8.4 mg kg-1 soil. The MM, PM and CM increased P to 12.2, 15.9 and 17.9 mg kg-1, respectively. In addition, MM+CM, MM+PM increased P to 16.1 and 14.2 mg kg-1, respectively. Initially, P increased significantly (p <0.001) but later decreased substantially beyond 14 days. However, PM and CM gave relatively promising P values between 14 and 28 days as opposed to 42 days of incubation. It was concluded that incubating cattle manure and incorporating it with Minjingu Mazao fertilizer provides promising P quantities indicating high rates of P depletion in soils. Incubating soil with poultry manure and incorporating Minjingu Mazao fertilizer had slow release of P hence, might benefit a slow growing crop.

ASCI-ID: 12-124

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