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Research Article
Two Root Endophytic Aquatic Hyphomycetes Campylospora parvula and Tetracladium setigerum as Plant Growth Promoters

S.C. Sati and P. Pant

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research, 2020, 14(1), 28-33.


Background and Objective: Aquatic hyphomycetes, which abundantly occur in submerged leaf litter are also reported as endophytes of riparian plant roots. This study was aimed to evaluate two aquatic hyphomycetes Campylospora parvula Kuzuha and Tetracladium setigerum (Grove) Ingold recovered from the living roots of Pilea scripta and Barberries vulgaris, respectively as endophytes for their role as plant growth promoter. Materials and Methods: A pot experiments was conducted in controlled glass house conditions. The used endophytic fungi were found very effective to enhance the growth of Chilli plant (Red pepper). The effect of these endophytes were measured for shoot and root lengths, shoot and root diameters and thereafter, total fresh mass and total dry mass, number of leaves of test plants and compared with control pot plants. Results: Both the aquatic hyphomycetes were found potent plant growth promoter in all parameters (p<0.005, significant). The effect of T. setigerum and C. parvula against control plants were found remarkable as total dry biomass of test plants was enhanced by 94.2% and 89.9%, respectively. Conclusion: The present findings provide a pavement in the field of bio-prospection of root endophytic aquatic hyphomycetes, which may be a new alternative source of bio fertilizer in agriculture.

ASCI-ID: 12-231

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