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Genetic Parameter Estimates for Plasma Alkaline Phosphatase Activity and Reproductive Traits in Two Strains of Rhode Island Chickens

M. Orunmuyi, O.O. Oni, I.A. Adeyinka and O.E. Asiribo

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 2007, 1(2), 76-81.


A study was conducted to determine the relationship between Plasma Alkaline Phosphatase (PAP) activity and reproductive traits in two strains of Rhode Island chickens. Mean enzyme activity in the cocks was 133.07 I.U for strain A and 134.78 I.U for strain B. Values of percentage fertile (PCF), percentage hatch (PCH) and percentage hatchability (PCHBLT) were 80.47, 45.68 and 53.41 in strain A, corresponding values in strain B were 85.94, 51.79 and 56.67. Heritability estimate was high for PAP in both strains (0.57) but low to moderate values were obtained for reproductive traits except percent fertility in strain A (0.56). Genetic correlations between PAP and PCF, PCH and PCHBLT were high and negative in strain A but low and positive values except PCHBLT were obtained in strain B. Phenotypic correlations between PAP and PCF, PCH and PCHBLT were generally low in magnitude but follow the direction of genetic correlations. The enzyme activity can be useful in the selection of the cocks for improved fertility and or hatchability of fertile eggs.

ASCI-ID: 15-12

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