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Research Article
Effect of Probiotic Supplementation on the Performance of Broilers

G.R. Bansal, V.P. Singh and N. Sachan

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 2011, 5(4), 277-284.


Probiotic feeding leads to the development of stable type of micro flora which helps the bird to resist infections noticeably in the intestinal tract and helps in several ways. With this objective present study was under taken to evaluate the effect of probiotic on performance of commercial broiler chicks. In study two groups one without probiotic (P0) and another with Probiotic (P) supplementation were considered for the study. The experiment consisted of two replicates for probiotic groups. The performance of broiler was evaluated in terms of growth, feed efficiency and percent mortality at 6th week of age. Data were analyzed on survivor and equal number of bird’s per subclass basis. Analysis of variance revealed that the difference between replicates were not significant for the different traits under study as such all subsequent analysis was performed on combined sex basis. Inclusion of probiotic in diet also affected highly significantly both the sexes for this age of body weight. Broiler group fed with, diet P (with Probiotic) were significantly heavier than the group fed with, diet P0 (without Probiotic). The inclusion of probiotics showed increased feed efficiency, better quality of broiler meat. The probiotic exerted highly significant effect on 2nd, 3rd and 5th weekly feed efficiency and also on overall feed efficiency. Overall performance of the broilers feded with the diet containing probiotics was found better in terms of feed efficiency, growth and meat quality. It might be due to suppressive effect of probiotic on unwanted organism and promotion of health status of the broilers.

ASCI-ID: 15-92

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