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Research Article
Genotype×Environment Interactions in Growth Performance of Brahman Crossbred Cattle in Bangladesh

M.M. Rashid, M.A. Hoque, K.S. Huque and A.K.F.H. Bhuiyan

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 2016, 10(1), 68-76.


The objective was to evaluate the effects of genotype×environment interaction on growth traits of Brahman crossbred cattle. The animals were reared in two environments viz., Central Cattle Breeding Station (on-station) and farmer’s herd (on-farm) where management system was respectively intensive and semi-intensive in nature. Birth weight was very similar across environments. Average body weight at different ages was greater in on-station herd than in on-farm herd (p<0.01). Body weight was 23.0, 25.4, 41.5 and 27.5 kg greater at 6, 9, 12 and 18 month in on-station herd than in the on-farm herd, respectively. Significant interaction between sire×environment in most of the growth traits (p<0.001) was observed. Heritability estimates for growth traits were greater in on-station herd (ranged from 0.29-0.47) than in on-farm herd (ranged from 0.48-0.50). Genetic correlations of the same growth trait between two environments showed a decreasing tendency with the increase in age of animal (from 0.74±0.05 at 3 months to 0.57±0.05 at 24 months). These results demonstrate that effects of G×E in Brahman crossbred cattle are large between two types of management system indicating that breeding bull selection and use should be carried out within environment basis.

ASCI-ID: 15-226

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