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Clinical Report
Utilization of Alkali Treated Sorghum Stover Supplemented with Poultry Litter for Growing Heifers in the North East Region of Nigeria

A.A Mubi, A Kibon and I.D Mohammed

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 2008, 3(3), 183-186.


This study was carried out to study the effect of alkali treatment of sorghum stover supplemented with or without poultry litter on feed and live body weight change of growing cattle. Twelve Heifers of mixed breed aged between 16 to 22 months with a mean live weight of 110 ± 8.7 kg were randomly allotted to groups (three animals each). Alkali treated Sorghum Stover with no supplementation (T1), Sorghum Stover with 0.5 kg day-1 poultry Litter (T2) and Untreated stover, with no supplementation (T3). Treating Stover with alkali or Alkali treated supplementation with Poultry Litter were significantly increase Dry Matter Intake (DMI) being 2.00, 2.56 and 1.56 kg for TSS1, TSS2 and TSS3, respectively. Dry matter digestibility of Alkali treated Stover was significantly higher than the untreated Stover. Supplementation with poultry litter significantly increased Dry matter digestibility compared with unsupplemented, from the result, it can be deduced that daily live body weight with poultry litter can improve the daily live weight gain of growing cattle.

ASCI-ID: 13-43

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