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Research Article
Chemical Characterization of Enzymatically Treated Morinda Juice

Desai Nivas and D.K. Gaikwad

Asian Journal of Biochemistry, 2016, 11(1), 14-23.


Enzymatic maceration of Morinda fruits was conducted with the enzymes like pectinase and diastase at 0.030 g kg–1 as the extraction of juice from the ripened fruits of Morinda citrifolia and Morinda pubescens are difficult due to its slimy pulp. Juice yields were increased greatly with enzymatic treatment (p<0.05), The amounts of flavonoid and polyphenols as well as clarity of the juices were greatly varied because of different enzyme treatment. Juice treated with pectinase and diastase showed better clarity and sugar content than the untreated juice (p<0.05). The relative viscosity of the juice were also decreased in clarified and fermented juice of both fruits. The mass spectra of fermented juice of M. citrifolia exhibits 14 important peaks out of which 4 peaks are having larger % area. FT-Raman spectroscopy and gas chromatography techniques used for the assessments of its potential amino acids and fatty acid composition.

ASCI-ID: 16-349

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