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Research Article
Analysis of Proximate Composition and Aflatoxins of Some Poultry Feeds

J. John Prabakaran and S. Dhanapal

Asian Journal of Biotechnology, 2009, 1(3), 104-110.


In the present study raw samples like bamboo rice, pani varagu, thiri varagu, kampu, saamai and koran thinai used for poultry feeds production were collected from Kolli hills region of Central Tamil Nadu in India. When they were analyzed for proximate composition, high moisture content (11.70%), high protein content (11.34%), high crude fiber (10.16%), crude fat (4.69%) and high total ash content (5.12%) were reported in koran thinai, bamboo rice, thiri varagu, kampu and pani varagu, respectively. Aflatoxins were detected in kampu (220 ppb of AFB1 and 45 ppb AFB2) and in saamai (15 ppb AFB1) only and absent in other samples. Generally aflatoxins production increased in autoclaved samples compared to non autoclaved samples. Significantly kampu showed high level of AFB1 (900 ppb) followed by pani varagu (630 ppb). From this study it is clear that the aflatoxins presence in the raw food samples must be checked properly as it will cause economic loss of crops to be used as source. So, proper storage and harvesting methods should be adopted to prevent aflatoxins contamination.

ASCI-ID: 74-14

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