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Research Article
Effect of Aqueous Extract of Tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) on Sperm Parameters and Testosterone Level of Male Albino Rats

U.B. Ekaluo, E.V. Ikpeme, S.E. Etta and P.B. Ekpo

Asian Journal of Biotechnology, 2015, 7(1), 39-45.


Tigernut is consumed by humans and livestock. It also has many medicinal uses. There is growing evidence of decline in human sperm count and quality. Hence, this study seeks to evaluate the effect of Aqueous Extract of Tigernut (AET) on testosterone level, weight of epididymes and testes, sperm count, semen pH, sperm motility, sperm viability and sperm head abnormalities in male rats as a model. The rats were divided into four groups of six rats each. The rats were treated with AET at 0.0, 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8 g kg–1 b.wt. day–1, respectively for nine weeks. After which, the rats were sacrificed and assessed for the parameters. The AET had a dose-dependent effect on all the parameters. In conclusion, AET has the capability of increasing the weights of the testes and epididymes, sperm count, sperm quality and testosterone level. Hence, AET could be used as a possible fertility booster and to attenuate sperm toxicity.

ASCI-ID: 74-140

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