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Research Article
Combined Effect of Plant Spacing and Time of Earthing up on Tuber Quality Parameters of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) at Degem District, North Showa Zone of Oromia Regional State

Tesfaye Getachew, Derbew Belew and Solomon Tulu

Asian Journal of Crop Science, 2013, 5(1), 24-32.


To investigate the effect of plant spacing and time of earthing up on tuber quality of Jalene potato variety four levels of plant spacing (10, 20, 30 and 40 cm) and four times of earthing (15, 30, 45 days after plant emergence and no earthing) were combined (4x4) in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). Data collected on tuber quality parameters were subjected to analysis of variance. Significantly the highest number of green potatoes (41 tubers/plot) was observed at the interaction of 10 cm with no earthing up whereas the highest number of large tubers (6 tubers/hill) was found at the interaction of 40 cm with earthing up after 15 days. The effect of plant spacing was highly significant on all tuber quality parameters studied: Number of small, medium, large and green tubers, tuber dry matter and specific gravity. For majority of tuber quality parameters 40 and 30 cm were preferable while significantly the highest tuber dry matter (21.53 %) and specific gravity (1.082) was found at 30 cm. The effect of time of earthing up was highly significant on all tuber quality parameters studied: number of medium, large and green tubers except number of small tubers, tuber dry matter and specific gravity. Most tuber quality parameters showed superior performance at earthing up of 15 days. Therefore, 30 cm plant spacing and earthing up at 15 days after complete plant emergence can be used at the study area, for the production of potato with improved and better tuber quality.

ASCI-ID: 4-88

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