Baclofen as an Adjuvant Analgesic for Cancer Pain

K Yomiya, N Matsuo, S Tomiyasu, T Yoshimoto, T Tamaki, T Suzuki and M. Matoba

American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 2009, 26(2), 112-118. DOI: 10.1177/1049909108327968


Purpose: Baclofen is a g-aminobutyric acid receptor agonist commonly used for managing many types of neuropathic pain. The effect of baclofen on cancer pain has not previously been studied. This retrospective study evaluated the efficacy of baclofen in patients with cancer pain.

Methods: We reviewed the medical records of all patients given baclofen orally as an analgesic for cancer at 5 institutions.

Result: Twenty-five patients received 10 to 40 mg of baclofen for cancer pain relief. Twenty patients have undergone neuropathic pain such as paroxysmal or lancing, sharp, or like an electric shock. Baclofen was effective in 21 of 25 patients and significantly reduced Numeric Rating Scale (pain score, 0-10; P < .0001). Nine patients reported mild adverse events: none of these 9 patients had to discontinue baclofen due to adverse events.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that baclofen may be a useful adjuvant analgesic in the treatment of cancer pain.

ASCI-ID: 1353-22