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Research Article
Region Splitting Approach to Robust Color Image Watermarking Scheme in Wavelet Domain

Amit Phadikar, Bhupendra Verma and Sanjeev Jain

Asian Journal of Information Management, 2007, 1(2), 27-42.


For many applications, a certain portion of an image is more important than others. Especially, for object-oriented images, regions that cover the main object are of major concern to image owner. In this study, we proposed a high capacity novel digital color image watermarking scheme in wavelet domain based on region splitting. Regions of host image where watermark bits will be inserted are selected by quad tree decomposition of the host image. Quad tree decomposition splits an image into regions such that large regions are formed when the intensities are uniform and small regions are formed when the intensities are non-uniform. Small regions represent the presence of critical information of the image and hence if we insert watermark in those region it will be impossible to the attacker to delete the watermark without decreasing image quality significantly. In receiver side the detected watermark from those regions can be used for ownership verification. We propose to embed watermark bit in wavelet domain by manipulating the wavelet coefficients of 4x4 blocks which are find by Quad tree decomposition. We only use blue channel of color image for watermark embedding, as blue channel is less sensitive to Human Visual System (HVS) and makes the scheme more imperceptible. Experimental result shows that a visual recognizable watermark is embedded in the most significant part of the image. Further, it shows that the proposed scheme is imperceptible and also robust to common image processing operations.

ASCI-ID: 24-8

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