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Research Article
Assessment Indicators for Information Technology in Higher Education Institutions: A STOPE Approach

Abdulkader A. Alfantookh, Khaled M. Al-Hazmi and Saad Haj Bakry

Asian Journal of Information Management, 2008, 2(1), 1-13.


This study is concerned with the assessment of IT (Information Technology) in HE (Higher Education) institutions. It introduces an assessment approach, based on the main domains of the STOPE view: strategy, technology, organization, people and environment. Each of these five domains, is refined into basic issues with assessment guidelines, leading to useful assessment indicators. For illustrating the application of the approach to the assessment of real life case-studies, an illustrative example is presented. The work would help diagnosing IT strengths and weaknesses in HE institutions and it would also support developing recommendations for future development. In addition, the future use of the approach can create competition among HE institutions, with regards to IT, through ranking them using the suggested STOPE assessment indicators.

ASCI-ID: 24-3

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