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Research Article
Oral Performance of EFL Learners: A Comparative Study on Effectiveness of Teaching and Knowledge Management Between Native and Non-native English Teachers

Hossein Ali Majlesi Fard, Mohana K. Nambiar, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Talukder Golam Rabby and Azam Majlesi Fard

Asian Journal of Information Management, 2012, 6(1), 16-24.


In the history of foreign language teaching, the issue of native speaking English teachers (NSETs) and Non-native Speaking English Teachers (NNSETs) has been concerned by the stakeholders-learners, parents and experts. Sometimes learners prefer Native Speakers (NS) of the target language as teachers. In addition, because of significant role played to be successful, parents are convinced that their children should learn English as an international language. Insufficiency of ideal English teachers is a contemporary debate. To investigate whether types of teachers (native or otherwise) have any effect on the students’ performance, the present study compares the development of oral skills in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in two groups of beginning Iranian EFL learners taught by NS and NNS (non-native speaker) teachers. Results show that performance on oral skill measures is concerned, the groups taught by the NS teachers outperformed those taught by their NNS counterparts. Although, there might be some other invisible factors for such a state of affair, it seems that teaching qualification of Iranian English teachers need further considerations.

ASCI-ID: 24-19

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