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Research Article
Indonesian Montmorillonite-supported ZnO: Preparation, Characterization and Activity Test in Methanol Dehydration

Is Fatimah and Thorikul Huda

Asian Journal of Materials Science, 2012, 4(1), 13-20.


In this study, a composite of montmorillonite-supported ZnO (ZnO/MMT) prepared from Indonesian montmorillonite, characterization and activity test evaluated in methanol dehydration reaction was conducted. Material preparation was performed by using sol-gel dispersion of ZnO from zinc acetate precursor into suspension of acid-activated montmorillonite followed by drying and calcination. Effect of structural modification towards physico-chemical character such as surface acidity, chrystallinity, specific surface area, porosity and also surface morphology was investigated. For surface acidity analysis, n-butylammine adsorption procedure followed by FTIR analysis was utilized while x-ray diffraction (XRD), BET surface area analysis and SEM were employed to evaluate chrystallinity, specific surface area and also surface profile, respectively. Correlation of physico-chemical properties with catalytic activity in methanol dehydration reaction was analyzed. Significant increase in total surface acidity and Lewis acid to Brönsted acid ratio as important factor affecting catalyst activity to convert methanol to dimethyl ether as main product was gained by composite preparation. Comparative kinetics study of catalyzed reaction suggested the physico-chemical character dependent as representive heterogeneous mechanism involved in the methanol dehydration reaction in that ZnO/MMT exhibited the higher rate of methanol conversion.

ASCI-ID: 69-35

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