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Research Article
Use of Date Palm Leaves Compost as A Substitution to Peatmoss

Y.S.S. Ali

American Journal of Plant Physiology, 2008, 3(4), 131-136. DOI:


The main objective of this study was to prepare compost using local farm resources such as Date Palm Leaves (DPL) and compare it with the imported peatmoss on seed germination, rate of germination and growth of ornamental plants. The results showed that total number of seeds germinated, rate of seed germination, plant height, number of leaves per plant and the dry-biomass per plant was better in the Date Palm Leaves Compost (DPLC) relative to the peat moss. Based on the preliminary results, it is concluded that farming community and the various research organizations should be encouraged to develop technology for the preparation of composts using local farm wastes resources such as date palm leaves and Phragmites australis rather than importing more expansive peat moss.

ASCI-ID: 10-91

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