Research Article
Taxonomic Study and Medicinal Importance of Three Selected Species of the Genus Artemisia Linn

Rizwana Aleem Qureshi, Mushtaq Ahmad and Muhammad Arshad

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2002, 1(6), 712-714.


The study was confined to the 3 medicinally important species of the genus Artemisia Linn. The morphological features, such as, plant size, leaf-shape and size, petiole length, the inflorescence type and the details of capitulum, i.e., the disc and ray florets were studied from the herbarium specimens preserved in the Quaid-I-Azam University Herbarium. Many properties and the uses of these species were determined. The studies on morphological characters revealed that the characters like, heads either homogamous or heterogamous and the receptacle either glabrous or hairy, number of the florets per head were taxonomically most important to differentiate these species. Among these species it was observed that A. absinthium Linn. was mostly used against liver diseases.

ASCI-ID: 7-302

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