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Research Article
Comparative Analysis of Quality of Milk Collected from Buffalo, Cow, Goat and Sheep of Rawalpindi/Islamabad Region in Pakistan

Rashida Kanwal, Toqeer Ahmed and Bushra Mirza

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2004, 3(3), 300-305.


Milk is nearly complete food and contains all the essential components in nearly balanced form. In the present study, the milk of four different species like goat, cow, buffalo and sheep milk, was analyzed compositionally and results showed that the cow milk have highest LR and specific gravity i.e., 30.0 and 1.03, respectively than other three species i.e. buffalo, goat and sheep. The cow milk showed maximum pH value (6.65) while sheep milk samples showed maximum titratable acidity (0.181%). The minimum pH value (6.58) was of sheep milk while the minimum titratable acidity (0.15%) was of the cow milk samples. The results of fat (%) showed that buffalo, cow, goat milk are non-significantly different from each other but sheep milk is significantly different from other three species. However, the results of SNF found in this study showed significant difference (P<0.05) among the milk of buffalo (8.79%) and of goat milk (8.92%). In contrast, the SNF of milk samples obtained from cow and sheep (9.17 and 9.71%, respectively). The results showed that the sheep milk had the good range (5.32-7.74%) of protein and the highest average protein contents (6.57%). However the milk of cow (5.23%) and buffalo (3.87%) were significantly different from each other and from sheep milk. The milk of goat showed the lowest protein contents (2.38%) as compare to other species. Sheep milk has highest%age of total nitrogen (1.035) contents as compared to other three species and hence significantly different from them and in %age non-protein nitrogen values of sheep milk showed the highest value (0.0059) and goat milk showed the least value (0.0013). Sheep milk showed the lowest lactose contents (3.57%) while goat milk showed highest value (4.66%). Sheep milk had highest value (0.58%) of ash contents while the goat milk showed the lowest value (0.28%). Cow milk was found best according to this study as compared to the milk samples of other three species i.e. Buffalo, goat and sheep.

ASCI-ID: 7-638

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