Assessment of Arsenic in the Water-Soil-Plant Systems in Gangetic Floodplains of Bangladesh

Research Article
Assessment of Arsenic in the Water-Soil-Plant Systems in Gangetic Floodplains of Bangladesh

M.R. Islam, M. Jahiruddin and S. Islam

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2004, 3(4), 489-493.


The levels of arsenic in irrigation waters (STW), soils and rice plants (grain and straw) in five districts viz., Pabna, Chapai Nawabganj, Rajbari, Faridpur and Gopalganj of the Gangetic floodplains of Bangladesh were assessed during the year 2001. The arsenic concentrations for all samples (soil, water, grain and straw) varied considerably between locations. Generally, the arsenic levels in soils and waters were higher in Rajbari and Faridpur compared to the other three districts. There was a good correlation between water-As and soil-As over the locations. None of the soils had arsenic level more than 20 μg g-1 (the maximum acceptable limit for agricultural soils). About 16% grain samples had no detectable As and on the other hand 14% grains had As level more than 1 ppm. Comparing varietal effects, the grain As concentration in IR 8 and BRRI dhan 29 rice were higher in comparison with BRRI dhan 28 and Parija. There was no correlation between rice grain As and soil As content. The As concentrations were always lower in grain than in straw.

ASCI-ID: 7-673

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