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Research Article
Effect of Alcohol Extracts of the Ruta graveolens L. On the Count, Motility and in vitro Fertilization Capacity of Rat's Sperm

F. Rahim, G. Saki and M. Bazrafkan

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2010, 9(1), 63-66.


This study is an attempt to elucidate the effect of alcoholic extract of the Ruta graveolens L. on the sperm count, motility and in vitro fertilization capacity of Wistar rats. Total 24 adult male Wister rats, 90- day-old and weighing 210±10.6 g were used in this study. All animals were housed individually per cage under a 12 h light/dark cycle, 20±2°C temperature and 60-65% humidity-controlled room with food and water ad libitum. All counts were performed at 37°C in T6 media. The sperm motility was assessed and classified as progressive, no progressive. Initial sperm motility was manually assessed by a single individual in duplicate for each sample by evaluating 100 sperms. In every group of this study 8 adult male rats were used. The sperm count was 2798.5±192.40 in group 1, 2801.8±418.67 in group 2 and 1017.4±820.69 in group 3. Therefore, group 3 has a significant lower sperm count in comparison with other groups. Progressive sperm motility was 57.20±2.81 in group 1, 55.25±1.82 in group 2 and 19.26±3.17 in group 3. The analysis shows that rats in group 3 have significant lower sperm motility in comparison with other groups. The fertilization capacity of sperm of rats in group 3 was significantly lower than other groups. As a conclusion, the alcohol extract of Ruta graveolens L. can be suggested as agent against male fertility but the exact mechanism of action is not understood yet so more experimental shall be done to reveal its effect as a contraceptive plant.

ASCI-ID: 7-1466

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