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Research Article
Determination of Nutrients by SEM-EDS and ICP-OES in Mexican Pine Pinus greggii var. greggii

Rebeca Casique-Valdés, Fernando Galindo-García, Willian Narvaez-Ortiz, Rosalinda Mendoza-Villarreal and Eduardo San Martin-Martinez

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2021, 20(1), 67-79.


Background and Objective: Pinus greggii var. greggii, an endemic species of northern Mexico, adapts to nutritionally poor soil conditions. Despite its importance, the information on the nutritional needs of this species is scarce. This study evaluates the applicability of the X-ray Energy Dispersion Spectroscopy method (SEM-EDS) versus the Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) towards the elemental analysis of P. greggii grown in conventional management with Peat Moss (PM) and traditional management with forest soil (TM). Materials and Methods: Nutrient determination, in most cases, is performed by wet digestion, a process that becomes laborious and dangerous for the person who develops the laboratory technique. Six consecutive samples were taken every 25-35 days to analyze by SEM-EDS and ICP-OES methods. A t-student analysis and Pearson correlation were performed using the P. greggii nutrient percentage results. Results: It was demonstrated, that the nutritional absorption in both detection methods showed a highly significant Pearson correlation for P, K, Ca and S nutrients. Seedlings grown in PM had higher dry biomass content than results found in TM. The substrate based on PM induced higher percentages of mineral absorption against TM. Conclusion: The elemental composition of P. greggii seedlings can be evaluated more precisely via SEM-EDS technique, avoiding the use of corrosive materials, which damages the environment, when the ICP-OES analysis technique is used.

ASCI-ID: 7-1874

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