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Review Article
Poultry Litter Selection, Management and Utilization in Nigeria

W.I. Musa, L. Sa`idu, B.Y. Kaltungo, U.B. Abubakar and A.M. Wakawa

Asian Journal of Poultry Science, 2012, 6(2), 44-55.


The introduction of commercial poultry in Nigeria has rapidly revolutionarised the poultry industry over the years. This has increasingly raised concern in poultry waste disposal. About 932.5 metric tonnes of commercial poultry manure are annually produced in Nigeria. Ammonia gas is majorly a product of poultry manure and to some extent green house gases. Pathogenic microorganisms can thrive in poultry wastes. These constitute environmental and health hazards to livestock and the teeming population. The concern on how to manage poultry wastes under intensive production systems led to the discovery of suitable poultry droppings and moist absorbents referred to as litter materials. Caging birds may soon become unethical, wood shavings and saw dust are most popular but are increasingly used to manufacture other wood products, alternative litter materials are seasonally available, poultry litter is effectively utilized as nitrogen based fertilizer and livestock feed supplement, therefore, the demand and price for litter materials is magnified. Thus, farmers cannot secure enough good quality litter material for their birds. Economic losses due to poor litter are significantly high. In view of these therefore, careful selection, adequate management and proper storage and utilization of poultry litter are of paramount importance to reduce environmental pollution, disease spread and economic losses associated with poultry litter.

ASCI-ID: 27-68

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