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Research Article
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Wet Fermented Feed with Probiotic on the Production Performance of Akar Putra Chicken

Hasan S.A. Jawad, I.H. Lokman, Saad A. Naji, A.B.Z. Zuki and A.B. Kassim

Asian Journal of Poultry Science, 2016, 10(2), 72-77.


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of Solid State Fermented Feed (SSFF) with and Without Prepared Probiotic (PP) on the live body weight, weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion ratio of a local Malaysian chicken (Akar Putra). A total of 96 day-old Akar Putra chicks, were randomly assigned to four dietary treatments (24 chicken/treatment), with 3 replicates for each (8 chicken/replicate). The four dietary treatments were the control T1 (no supplement), diet supplemented of SSFF with probiotic in the second treatment was prepared at the rate 1:1:1 (1 kg of commercial broiler feed+1 L tap water+1g PP). While the rate was 1:1:2 (1 kg of commercial broiler feed+1 L tap water+2 g PP) in the third treatment. The chickens in fourth treatment were fed on SSFF without probiotic. The feeding mixtures of T2, T3 and T4 were placed in a plastic tray which closed ad incubate for 38 h at 37±2°C for complete fermentation and used without drying. Supplementation the SSFF with PP resulted in a significant (p<0.01) increase in the males' and females'live body weight. Furthermore, (p<0.01) enhancement in the females' feed conversion ratio of supplemented treatments was observed. It can be concluded that using wet fermented feed with 1 and 2 g of prepared probiotic caused significant improvement in the production performance of Akar Putra chicken especially in the live body weight and growth rate traits.

ASCI-ID: 27-134

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