Two Novel Coding SNPs of SREBP1c Gene are Associated with Body Weight and Average Daily Gain in Bovine

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Two Novel Coding SNPs of SREBP1c Gene are Associated with Body Weight and Average Daily Gain in Bovine

Yongzhen Huang, Enping Zhang, Jing Wang, Yongtao Huai, Xianyong Lan, Liang Ma, Zhuanjian Li, Gang Ren, Fuying Chen, Chuzhao Lei, Juqiang Wang and Hong Chen

Animal Biotechnology, 2010, 21(3), 170-178. DOI: 10.1080/10495391003768813


It is known that the SREBP1c gene is an important gene responsible for adipogenesis and regulation of the expression of genes controlling fatty acid biosynthesis. Its expression levels increase in parallel with obesity. Therefore, the present study focused on screening the genetic variation within bovine SREBP1c gene and analyzing its effect on growth traits in 1035 individuals belonging to four Chinese cattle breeds (QC, NY, JX, CH) using PCR-SSCP, DNA sequencing, and forced PCR-RFLP methods. The results revealed two novel mutations: NC_007317: g. 10781 C > A (457aa), 10914 G > A (502aa). Association analysis with growth traits in the Nangyang breed indicated that: The SNPs in the bovine SREBP1c gene had significant effects on body weight and average daily gain at birth, 6 and 12 months old (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01). Therefore, these results suggest that the SREBP1c gene is a strong candidate gene that affects growth traits in cattle.

ASCI-ID: 259-73

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