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Research Article
An integrated photobioreactor system for the production of Spirulina platensis

Suphi S. Oncel and Oguz Akpolat

Biotechnology, 2006, 5(3), 365-372.


In this study, a laboratory scale integrated type of a photobioreactor system was operated for the production of Spirulina platensis. The integrated design consisted of a tank unit for the main production site and a helical coil unit for the main illumination site. Different trials were made in order to select the best illumination mode. The best illumination mode was the sequential mode where a continuous illumination was taking place in the internally illuminated tank unit and at the same time a 12/12 h light dark cycle was going on, in the coil unit. The system maintain the stability in the pH levels and a cell concentration of 3.12 g L-1 on dry weight basis. After the selection of the illumination mode the best flow rate and light intensity synchronization was tested by applying various combinations of intensities and flow rates in the coil unit. The best values were obtained with the 11000 lux intensity at 7 cm sn-1 flow rate in the coil unit reaching a growth rate of 0.42 day. The determination of the best conditions for the working of the integrated system was one of the main objectives of this study. Also to focus on an integrated system that could be used in commercial scale, that could succeed the need of high volume production at the same time to fulfill the need of light compensating the dark regions that could happen in the big tanks like commercial fermenters with outdoor or indoor helical tubular units as photostages.

ASCI-ID: 11-225

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