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Research Article
Rapid Molecular Diagnosis for Candida species Using PCR-RFLP

S.A. Ayatollahi Mousavi, E. Khalesi, G.H. Shahidi Bonjar, S. Aghighi, F. Sharifi and F. Aram

Biotechnology, 2007, 6(4), 583-587.


Rapid identification of Candida species in clinical laboratory is becoming increasingly important since the incidence of Candidiasis continues to rise as the hospital surveys show. Molecular techniques utilizing amplification of target DNA provide quick and precise methods for diagnosis and identification of Candida species. In this study, using universal primers, the ITS1-ITS4 region was amplified. The restriction enzyme MspI digests this region and was used to identify of C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. krusei, C. tropicalis and C. guilliermondii. Electrophoretically, ribosomal DNA of C. guilliermondii produced three bands whereas the other species gave two bands upon digestion. Accordingly these enzymes behave as valuable application tools in molecular diagnosis of Candida species in Candidiasis maladies and can be substituted with the classical diagnosis of the pathogen.

ASCI-ID: 11-338

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