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Research Article
COD and BOD Reduction of Domestic Wastewater using Activated Sludge, Sand Filters and Activated Carbon in Saudi Arabia

Saad A. Al-Jlil

Biotechnology, 2009, 8(4), 473-477.


The objective of this study was to determine COD and BOD reduction from domestic wastewater using sedimentation, aeration, activated sludge, sand filter and activated carbon. Mean maximum COD and BOD reduction was 92.17 and 97.66%, respectively. Other water quality parameters such as TSS, TDS, NO2, TKN and PO4 showed significant reduction except NO3 which increased significantly using different materials in the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP). The sewage treatment system using different materials showed excellent potential for COD and BOD removal from domestic wastewater. Also, the concentration level of COD and BOD in the treated water was within the permissible limits for industrial cooling and agriculture use especially for landscape development.

ASCI-ID: 11-523

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