Dissecting the phenotype in genome-wide association studies of psychiatric illness

Craddock Cross Disorder Phenotype Group of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium, K Kendler, M Neale, J Nurnberger, S Purcell, M Rietschel, R Perlis, S. L Santangelo, T Schulze, J. W Smoller and A. Thapar

The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2009, 195(2), 97-99. DOI: 10.1192/bjp.bp.108.063156


Over the past 2 years genome-wide association studies have made major contributions to understanding the genetic architecture of many common human diseases. This editorial outlines the development of such studies in psychiatry and highlights the opportunities for advancing understanding of the biological underpinnings and nosological structure of psychiatric disorders.

ASCI-ID: 1409-60