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Research Article
Increase of Milk Production and Calcium Content by Feeding Biscuit of Carica papaya

Yuli Retnani, Idat Galih Permana, Nur R. Komalasari and Taryati

Current Research in Dairy Sciences, 2015, 7(1), 26-31.


In Indonesia, Ettawa crossbreed goat is one of common milk goat that categorized low production goat. Bio-supplement biscuit is one of feed industry to increase milk production. This study aims to evaluated milk production and calcium content. The used 10 Ettawa crossbreed in Bangun Karso Farm. Research design used t-test with treatments: T0 = Mix forage+concentrate and T1 = Mix forage+concentrate+biscuit 15%. Parameters were milk production and calcium content. The research resulted that biscuit bio-supplement affected milk production and calcium content significantly (p<0.05). Biscuit bio-supplement contained papaya leaves increased calcium content until 174.832 mg/100 g. Active compounds in papaya leave was proved increases milk production and calcium content. Biscuit bio-supplement increased 43.35% milk production and 48.27% calcium content.

ASCI-ID: 17-7

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