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Research Article
Isolation of Streptomyces with Broad Spectrum Antifungal Activity from Polyherbal Products

A.R. Mohd-Fuat, A.R.B. Amini and O.M. Hasyima

International Journal of Botany, 2010, 6(3), 259-265.


This study was conducted to determine if commercial herbal products harbour Streptomyces possessing broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Samples of six polyherbal products were cultured for actinomycete and 4 products were found to contain actinomycetes with count between 1.06 log10 CFU and 2.33 log10 cfu g-1 sample. Seventeen morphologically Streptomyces species were isolated and 8 isolates (47%) were identified to the species level by 16S rRNA gene sequences analyses. Only 2 isolates were inhibitory to all test bacteria. Thirteen isolates (77%) were inhibitory to all four test Candida species and seven of these isolates were also inhibitory to Geotrichum candidum, Trichosporon cutaneum and Aspergillus niger. One isolate, identified as S. rochei was inhibitory to all 26 test microorganisms including aerobic bacteria, facultative anaerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, microaerophilic bacteria and pathogenic moulds. On the condition of this study, it can be concluded that Streptomyces species associated with herbal plant can be isolated from plant materials sold as herbal products. Some Streptomyces species isolated from these herbal products have broad spectrum antimicrobial activity especially against clinically important fungi. A lot of herbal plants have been processed for herbal products but these products have not been intended for isolation of Streptomyces species. In order to search for new antimicrobials, herbal products in the market may serve as readily culturable materials for rapid isolation of Streptomyces species from herbal plants that have not been screened for Streptomyces species.

ASCI-ID: 19-320

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