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Research Article
Impact of Patient Counseling on Medication Adherence, Beliefs and Satisfaction about Oral Chemotherapies in Patients with Metastatic Cancer at a Super Specialty Hospital

Anita Ramesh, M.G. Rajanandh, S. Thanmayee, G. SalaghaMerin, S. Suresh and K. Satish Srinivas

International Journal of Cancer Research, 2015, 11(3), 128-135.


The primary aim of this study was to assess the impact of patient counseling by comparing the levels of patient’s medication adherence to oral chemotherapies in patients with metastatic cancer. Sixty patients were randomized into usual care and intervention care group. Their medication adherence was assessed by Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS). The belief about the medication was measured by Belief about Medication Questionnaire (BMQ). Patient’s satisfaction about medication was assessed by Satisfaction with Information about medicine scale (SIMS). All the three scales were assessed at baseline and during their subsequent appointments and at end visit. Sixty patients were included for the final data analysis. No statistical significant difference between the groups with respect to socio-demographic characteristics. No patients were in stage I and II category. According to MARS criteria, adherence rate was improved from 83.4-96.6%. The BMQ-necessity scale and concern scale was related in a negative and positive way to medication adherence, respectively. Significant increase in the SIMS score was observed in both part 1 and 2 and as well as in total score in the intervention care group from baseline to end visit. At the end of the study, intervention group patients had shown a greater improvement in the MARS, BMQ and SIMS score than the usual care group patients. However, by considering the small sample size, future studies are warranted to explore changes in adherence rate with time and clinical impact of non-adherence.

ASCI-ID: 36-274

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