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Research Article
Evaluation of Domiati Cheese Quality During Storage as Affected by Live Selenized Yeast Supplementation to Rations of Lactating Buffaloes

M. Abd El-Aziz, A.M. Kholif and A.F. Sayed

International Journal of Dairy Science, 2007, 2(2), 152-158.


Nine lactating buffaloes were ranked into three groups (three animals each) using 3x3 Latin square design (with 35 days each period). Experimental rations were: control (concentrate feed mixture (CFM): berseem clover (BC), 2:1 DM basis), low selenized yeast [control ration plus10 g/h/d selenized yeast (2.5 mg Se/h/d)] and high selenized yeast [control ration plus10 g/h/d selenized yeast (4.5 mg Se/h/d)]. At the last 3 days of each period, the collected milk from each group was pooled and used for analysis and manufacturing of Domiati cheese. The obtained results indicated that feeding diets supplemented with low or high selenized yeast improved milk yield and its protein content significantly (p<0.05). Also, both yield and protein recovery of cheese from group fed diet supplemented with low selenized yeast was improved as compared with high selenized yeast and control diets. Feeding diets supplemented with low or high selenized yeast had no effect on chemical, physical and organoleptic properties of Domiati cheese. The increase in total protein, fat and firmness of cheese during storage was correlated with decrease in pH values and moisture content of cheese. Also, the weight loss of cheese was more correlated with increase in soluble nitrogen and decrease of moisture content of cheese.

ASCI-ID: 37-45

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