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Research Article
Development of Automatic Stopper Device for Commonly used Centrifugal Pumps in Egypt

R.A. Hegazy and A.M. Elsheikha

International Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 2012, 2(2), 43-49.


Centrifugal instruments are prevailing used for irrigating fields in Egypt as the most common surface irrigation method. The major problem which confronts the farmers at operating these instruments is stopping it at the time of water shortage. Two main reasons can lead to operate these machines in absence of water, first one related suction tube which it is not completely covered by water in sometimes; second one is existence of accumulated mud and other materials around suction tube filter. So, the main object was to develop an automatic stopper device to turn off the machine at its time of running out of water. The device consisted of three main parts, metal base, water tank and disconnecting arm. The theory depended at using part of discharged water which comes to small tube for cooling engine and to keep this amount of water fixed all the time in specific tank. This amount of water working as equilibrium force and any change in its amount will reflect to movement in the manufactured device components. The device showed good performance in turning of machine at the moment that 35% of filter face height became without water coverage. It also can stop the engine if the water residues and mud cover 50% or more of suction tube area which is so important for farmer to keep the machine running without problems.

ASCI-ID: 2819-8

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