Review Article
Role of Phytotherapy in Gingivitis: A Review

N. Jagan Rao, K.R. Subash and K. Sandeep Kumar

International Journal of Pharmacology, 2012, 8(1), 1-5.


There is a long and venerable history of the use of plants to improve dental health and promote oral hygiene. Plants contain phytochemicals such as alkaloids, tannins, essential oils and flavonoids which have pronounced antimicrobial activity. Plants have also been incorporated into dentifrices and have been used to provide natural chewing gums for oral hygiene, to treat toothache, gingivitis and periodontal disease. There is a potentially valuable role for Phytotherapy in assisting with the management of gingival and periodontal diseases. The evidence and research which supports such a role for a few plants and plant products has been reviewed in this study.

ASCI-ID: 23-702

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