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Significant Anesthetic Effects of Butorphanol Combined with Propofol on Ultrasonic Bronchoscopy for the Elderly

Xiaoyun Guo, Hui Li, Hua Zhang, Jinhu Su, Mingzhi Hu, Yan Sun, Xiyan He and Gongxiao Wang

International Journal of Pharmacology, 2022, 18(3), 562-569.


Background and Objective: Fiberoptic bronchoscopy is an invasive diagnosis and treatment technique. Elderly patients are prone to cardiovascular diseases and have poor tolerance to stimulation. This study aimed to assess the effects of butorphanol combined with propofol on ultrasonic bronchoscopy for the elderly. Materials and Methods: A total of 180 elderly patients undergoing painless ultrasonic bronchoscopy in our hospital from June, 2019 through June, 2020 were randomly assigned into Group I (propofol group, n = 60), Group II (sufentanil combined with propofol group, n = 60) and Group III (butorphanol combined with propofol group, n = 60). Hemodynamic indicators, anaesthesia, analgesia and sedative effects and adverse reactions were compared before and after anaesthesia. Results: Group III had significantly lower mean arterial pressure and heart rate at the time of bronchoscope entering the larynx and the end of bronchoscopy, lower propofol dose, shorter anaesthesia onset time, bronchoscopy duration and recovery time and lower ramsay score and incidence rate of adverse reactions than those of Groups I and II. The saturation of pulse oximetry in Group III at the time of bronchoscope entering the larynx and the end of bronchoscopy was significantly higher than those of Groups I and II (p<0.05). Conclusion: Butorphanol combined with propofol for induction can stabilize hemodynamic indicators, improve patient comfort and exert better anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation effects and fewer postoperative adverse reactions. Therefore, it is more suitable for ultrasonic bronchoscopy in the elderly.

ASCI-ID: 23-1716

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