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Research Article
Pathogencity Test of Some Saprophytic Fungi Isolated from Different Water Sources and Cultivated Crops at Allahabad Region

Bhupendra Kumar Singh, Saurabh Singh and D.N. Shukla

International Journal of Plant Pathology, 2014, 5(3), 91-94.


The present study was conducted to investigate the isolation of fungi from Ganga river, Industrial water and Sewage water. Different kinds of fungi were isolated in which Fusarium spp. and Alternaria alternata were found to be dominant. The maximum numbers of fungal species were isolated from sewage water and it was followed by Ganga water and industrial water due to presence of high organic load. Plant pathogenic fungi like Fusarium spp. and Alternaria spp. were found in all water samples. In this way, it may be concluded that, the irrigation of agricultural fields with polluted water not only affects the growth of crop plants but it also increases the chances of various fungal contamination and disease development. The sewage water may be used for irrigation purposes after proper treatment. It will be highly useful, if sewage water diluted with tube well water.

ASCI-ID: 76-44

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