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Research Article
Micronutrients and Zn Solubilizing Bacteria on Yield and Quality of Grapes Variety Thompson Seedless

S. Rama Subramoniam, K. Subbiah V.P. Duraisami and U. Surendran

International Journal of Soil Science, 2006, 1(1), 1-7.


Micronutrients disorders, which emanated from the adoption of intensive agriculture coupled with the use of high analysis NPK fertilizers and scarce use of organic manure and limited use of crop residues become dominant in grape growing tracts. The present energy crisis and rapidly increasing fertilizer price have necessitated the efficient utilization of micronutrients to achieve increased and sustainable productivity. Efficient micronutrient management embodies the use of effective micronutrient source and techniques on the time and mode of application to grape is necessary in this condition. A field experiment was conducted with Thompson seedless grapes with treatments involving micronutrients as soil application and foliar spray by adopting randomized block design with three replications. To arrive cost effective technology for correcting the micronutrients deficiencies for sustaining grapes yield with benefit: cost ratio, recommended doses of N, P and K fertilizers along with foliar sprays of ZnSO4 (0.2%) + boric acid (0.2%) + FeSO4 (0.2%) + MnSO4 (0.2%) + MgSO4 (0.5%) + CaCl2 (0.5%) + KNO3 (0.5%) + urea (1%) at blooming and 15 days after blooming stages was best. The quality of fruits such as juice content, TSS, titratable acidity, specific gravity, total sugar and TSS/acidity ratio were also higher in the above treatment.

ASCI-ID: 42-11

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