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Research Article
Isotopic Assessment of Exchangeability of Cadmium in Arable Soils near an Automobile Service Centre

E.U. Onweremadu

International Journal of Soil Science, 2007, 2(1), 48-54.


This study investigated the use of Isotope Exchange Kinetics (IEK) technique to estimate lability and temporal variability of cadmium (Cd) in arable soils proximal to an automobile service centre at Owerri, south-eastern Nigeria. Thirty topsoil samples (0-10 cm depth) were collected from 5 arable farms receiving waste materials from automobile servicing. The samples were subjected to experimental conditions to determine exchangeable Cd using the IEK technique. There were slight to moderate variation in the distribution of soil exchangeable Cd among farms. Results also showed that isotopically exchangeable Cd (E(t)) predicted exchangeability of Cd up to 24 h of exchange from a short-term isotopic kinetics, that is, at >60 min. There was significant positive relationship r(I)/R (ratio of the radioactivity remaining in solution after 1 min of exchangeable to the total introduced radioactivity R) and exchangeable Cd (r = 0.8**; p<0.01). Interestingly, there was no significant relationship between soil pH and kinetic parameters.

ASCI-ID: 42-45

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