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Research Article
Effect of Wheat Stubble Burning and Tobacco Waste Application on Mineral Nitrogen Content of Soil at Different Depth

A. Coskan, M. Gok and K. Dogan

International Journal of Soil Science, 2007, 2(1), 55-61.


A two year field experiment was carried out to determine the fluctuation on mineral nitrogen contents of soil with respect to wheat stubble burning. In soybean plant vegetation, tobacco waste amounting 0 (TA), 5000 (TB) and 10000 (TC) kg ha-1 was applied on burned (BD) or not burned (NB) plots. Results showed that treatments considerably affected nitrate and ammonium contents of top layer soil. Most proportion of soil inorganic nitrogen content consisted as nitrate. In the first year of the study the highest nitrate value of 48.13 kg NO¯3-N ha-1 was observed at 13th day in BD-TC treatment, whereas in second year it was observed at 20th day in NB-TC treatment as 130.87 kg NO¯3-N ha-1. In general, higher values were observed at top layer soil (0-20 cm depth) whereas the lowest values were determined at depth of 40-60 cm. First year applications considerably affected the second year’s outcome, thus, residual effects of first year increased the second year’s values in terms of nitrate and ammonium.

ASCI-ID: 42-44

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