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Research Article
Magneto-rotatory Thermal Convection in Couple-stress Fluid

Pardeep Kumar

International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Sciences, 2012, 1(1), 11-20.


The aim of the present research was to study the effect of uniform vertical magnetic field on the couple-stress fluid heated from below in the presence of a uniform rotation. Following the linearized stability theory, Boussinesq approximation and normal mode analysis, the dispersion relation is obtained. The stationary convection, stability of the system and oscillatory modes are discussed. Graphs have been plotted by giving numerical values to the parameters, to depict the stability characteristics. For the case of stationary convection, it is found that rotation has a stabilizing effect whereas the magnetic field and couple-stress have both stabilizing and destabilizing effects. The rotation and magnetic field are found to introduce oscillatory modes in the system which were non-existent in their absence.

ASCI-ID: 5151-2

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