A Web-enabled Architecture of Workflow Management System for Heterogeneous Environment

Research Article
A Web-enabled Architecture of Workflow Management System for Heterogeneous Environment

Khurram Shahzad and Khalid Rashid

Information Technology Journal, 2005, 4(4), 356-359.


In this study architectural framework of workflow management system for heterogeneous and distributed environment has been proposed which incorporates web-enabled independent interface for clients to execute workflows. Some of the drawbacks and limitations of the traditional approaches are discussed; then architecture of flexible and platform independent simple workflow management system has been presented which is based on Java and internet technologies. Workflow engine and clients are implemented in Java. Workflow models are stored in relational database and the workflow engine accesses these models using JDBC interface. Standard browsers are used as web based clients to access the workflow system via HTTP protocol.

ASCI-ID: 28-234

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