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Research Article
EEHCA: An Energy-Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Guan Xin, Wu HuaYang and Bi DeGang

Information Technology Journal, 2008, 7(2), 245-252.


In this study, a hierarchical clustering algorithm for long-lived sensor network is proposed. EEHCA (an energy-efficient hierarchical clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks) achieves a good performance in terms of lifetime by minimizing energy consumption for communication and balancing the energy load among all the nodes. EEHCA adopts a new method for cluster head election, which can avoid the frequent election of cluster head. In order to improve the performance of fault-tolerance, we introduce the concept of backup cluster head. Furthermore, when nodes finished the communication within their own clusters and the cluster heads have finished the data aggregation, the head clusters will transmit aggregated data to the sink node by a special multi-hop mode. Simulation results have shown that EEHCA has the better performance than LEACH (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) and HEED (Hybrid Energy-Efficient Distributed clustering) in terms of network lifetime.

ASCI-ID: 28-667

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