Modeling Multimedia Synchronization using Petri Nets

Research Article
Modeling Multimedia Synchronization using Petri Nets

Wei Liu and Yuyue Du

Information Technology Journal, 2009, 8(7), 1054-1058.


In this study, Logical Time Interaction Petri Nets (LTIPN) were designed to describe multimedia synchronization based on the previous models. In the model, we introduce logical expressions which are used to describe passing value indeterminacy in an logical time Petri net to model multimedia synchronization. And all multimedia synchronization events including multimedia objects are expressed by transitions of Petri nets, while the previous models mostly use places of Petri nets to express multimedia objects. This study provides users simple and intuitive modeling approaches. Basic temporal relations between multimedia objects, multimedia synchronization strategies and user interactive operations can be represented simply and explicitly by the LTIPN.

ASCI-ID: 28-860

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