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Research Article
Statistical Study on Principal Factors Affecting Employment of Chinese Undergraduates

J. Hua, W. Zhuge, K. Zhou and L. Meng

Information Technology Journal, 2010, 9(6), 1226-1230.


Due to the heavy employment pressure in china, the employment of the undergraduates attracts much attention in recent years. Accordingly, this study proposes a SPSS-based statistical method to study the employment issue, where thirteen parameters are carefully chosen to construct the employment database. The proposed method first performs the quantitative and the standardized operations and then calculates the correlated matrix of parameters. Moreover, after proving that the correlated matrix satisfies Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) condition, we perform eigenvalue decomposition and compute the variance contribution rate through Principal Component Analysis (PCA) techniques. Both the eigenvalue and the variance contribution rate are used to study the importance of each parameter and finally lead to an importance sort. Therefore, we can quantificationally study the influence of each parameter thrown on the undergraduate employment and find three most important parameters affecting undergraduate employment: university, major and family location.

ASCI-ID: 28-1078

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