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Research Article
A Leakage-based Nonlinear Precoder for the Multi-user Multi-stream MIMO Broadcast Channel

Yinghong Cao, Zhe Chen and Fuliang Yin

Information Technology Journal, 2011, 10(4), 789-797.


In multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) broadcast systems, it is essential to design the precoder for co-channel interference suppression. In this study, we propose a leakage-based nonlinear precoding scheme for the MIMO broadcast system, wherein each mobile user may receive multiple data streams. In this proposed precoding scheme, the Inter-User Interference (IUI) is minimized by maximizing the Signal-to-Leakage-plus-Noise Ratio (SLNR), and the Inter-Stream Interference (ISI) is mitigated by extending the Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding (THP) algorithm into the stream domain. Since both the IUI and the ISI are mitigated at the Base Station (BS) transmitter, this precoder achieves a very simple receiver at each user, and only a power scaling factor needs to be additionally transmitted to the receiver. Moreover, it is also proved that this proposed precoder supports the multiple data streams within one user equally. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can eliminate the interference efficiently and achieve better Bit Error Rate (BER) performance.

ASCI-ID: 28-1243

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