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Research Article
Integrating Thematic Strategy and Modularity Concept into Interactive Video-based Learning System

Yuh-Tyng Chen and Lin-Fan Chen

Information Technology Journal, 2012, 11(8), 1103-1108.


For preventing the superficial learning attitude known as “couch-potato-attitude”, this study integrated the thematic instructional strategy and modularity concept into the video-based instructional material. An exploratory test was carried out with 73 college majoring in design students. Research data were collected through the questionnaire and tests. The findings of this study revealed that the interactive thematic video could promote students more engaged and acquired more information and remembered more ideas. Under the self-controlled learning environment, students could easily hyperlink the particular segment they need so as to reduce students’ extraneous cognitive load. In addition, the interactive thematic video presented the related textual and pictorial learning elements simultaneously which could benefit to reinforce their learning. Accordingly, the students in the experimental group could get the higher posttest scores. Furthermore, the interactive thematic video could effectively attract and maintain the students’ attention; they felt that the course contents and activities were related to their life experience. Also, they were confident to achieve the expected outcomes of the course and satisfied with the instruction.

ASCI-ID: 28-1650

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