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Research of Particle Filter Based on Immune Particle Swarm Optimization

Long-Hua Ma, Yu Zhang, Zhe-Ming Lu and Hui Li

Information Technology Journal, 2013, 12(1), 155-161.


Particle degradation, as a main limitation of particle filter, can be resolved by making use of common re-sampling method, but it always bring about the problem of sample dilution. The Immune Particle Swarm Optimization (IMPSO) was introduced into particle filter and a new kind of particle filter named IMPSO-based particle filter was proposed. In the IMPSO-based particle filter algorithm, particles are driven to the area with a higher posterior probability density and maintain big particle diversity at the same time. Simulation results show that IMPSO-based particle filter can eliminates the degeneracy phenomenon, avoid the sample dilution problem and guarantee the effectiveness.

ASCI-ID: 28-1778

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