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Research Article
Service Oriented Enterprise Based on Value-aware Service Engineering

Li Baoan

Information Technology Journal, 2013, 12(3), 478-481.


As a new kind of enterprise, SOE (Service Oriented Enterprise) has received preliminary recognition of the market in recent years. Meanwhile, SOA (Service Orianted Architecture) and value-aware service engineering methodologies have been proposed and applied in many fields. But how to use them in building SOE is more concerned by enterprises. This paper explores the new approach to accomplish the SOE architecture and its business components through the considering of the two aspects about technology and management. An approach based on SOA and component technology has been proposed and applied which can help to realize business-goal-driven dynamic semantic integration of the business services of SOE. After analyzing the profit points and service requirements in the enterprise management value-chains in depth, it developed the service components for SOE and gave a solution to build the enterprise information systems and SOE based on value-aware service engineering methodology.

ASCI-ID: 28-1700

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